Barbara Green, MSW, LICSW is a geriatric social worker. She offers educational programs in the field of aging and consultations to older adults and their families as they navigate the complexities and joys of growing older.

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Barbara Green, MSW

Barbara provides Care Consultations to families and individuals who have questions and concerns about the changes that occur as adults grow older. Please visit the Care Consultations page for further information.

I participated in Barbara’s Roundtable Discussions for many years.  It is her special genius that she was able to bring together committed experts in the field of aging, investigate and disseminate literature on pertinent topics and then facilitate a monthly in-depth discussion using the literature as a jumping off point.  The readings kept me current in the field; the conversations enhanced my ability to do my work and the relationships that she fostered help create a community within the field of aging.

— Karin Miller, MSW, LICSW

Barbara facilitates monthly interdisciplinary discussions on a variety of topics.  Conversations are small and interactive.  Although the monthly Round Table Discussions have been suspended for the immediate future if you are interested in offering a staff professional development in-service training, please contact Barbara to arrange a program that will meet your needs and interests.  All programs are approved for continuing education credits.



Barbara speaks across the country on multiple topics concerning aging and older adults. She would be pleased to host a Community Conversation at your workplace. Book an engagement today…

Need advice on aging? Dearie can help.

Barbara and her 95-year-old mother, Dearie, give their own take on pressing questions about aging. Visit them today!

Barbara writes on topics related to aging and caring for older adults. Read her latest articles here.