Round Table Discussions: Developing a Community of Practice for Professionals in the Field of Aging, has distinguished itself as a provider of continuing education for social workers, nurses and other professionals engaged in work with older adults.  The unique setting of small, interactive discussions has proven to be invaluable. Drawing on the interdisciplinary expertise of advanced practitioners and using an extended time period to explore a topic in-depth is a unique model for professional development and continuing education opportunities. As we learn from each other and offer new ways of thinking about our clinical practice it is also becomes an opportunity to engage younger practitioners into the complex and intriguing world of geriatric practice.

The monthly format for Round Table Discussions is suspended for the immediate future.  A similar format can be arranged for staff in-service training at your agency.  Please contact Barbara if interested. 



Clinical supervision is a fundamental principle of the social work profession.  Advanced practice social workers will utilize the opportunity to continue to learn and critique one’s skills.  For new social work practitioners, supervision is required if seeking licensure.   Both individual and group supervision can be an excellent setting to develop clinical skills, become critical and reflective of one’s practice and remain mindful about adhering to an ethical practice as outlined by the National Association of Social Workers.

Barbara meets all the Washington state requirements* for providing supervision both on an individual and group basis.  She will supervise social work staff working in community based and residential settings servicing older adults.


As a Clinical Supervisor my responsibilities include: 

  • Assess and monitor clinical skills in the practice setting
  • Promote an ethical practice as stated by the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics
  • Provide feedback on clients, recordkeeping procedures and caseload management
  • Provide and guide in developing a professional identity
  • Maintain supervision notes including number of hours of supervision provided
  • Promote opportunities for professional development
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding casework with the exception that if concerns arise about safety or risk of harm to client, appropriate steps will be taken to address concerns in which case confidentiality may be broken
  • Provide confidential meeting space
  • Maintain professional liability and malpractice insurance
  • Provide licensure candidates with declaration of qualifications as an approved supervisor


Supervisee Responsibilities

  • Come prepared to present a case to include
    • Client information –
      • age, gender, living situation,
    • Presenting problem
    • Bio-psycho-social assessment
  • Questions to consider:
    • Goals & barriers to achieving goals
      • Personal & Systemic
    • What clinical skills did you use?
    • What might you have done differently?
    • What did you learn?
    • What role does culture and/or ethnicity play?
    • What are the ethical implications for this case?
    • Were you professional and ethical in your role?
  • Develop goals for professional growth
  • Will maintain records of hours of supervision received
  • Provide feedback and evaluate supervisor’s performance
  • Provide confidential meeting space
  • Provide access to client files on an as needed basis



$85/individual session (1 hour)

$125/group supervision (1.25 hours)


*In accordance with RCW 18.225.090 and WAC 246-809-334 Barbara is an approved supervisor for Social Work professionals.  She holds a Washington State Department of Health Social Worker Independent Clinical License, Credential Number LW 60551192.